Champions of the Ice

is a world I have been working on

for the better part of a decade now.

Set a thousand years after the End War,

humanity has found itself trapped

in a cage of its own making on an Earth

that no longer belongs to them.

There was no alien invasion, celestial disaster,

or divine intervention.

We simply did what we do best:

allowed ourselves be divided

and used our unrivalled creativity

to make ever grander problems.

The great powers of our era

are no more.

New cultures emerged

from the ashes of the old

as the survivors sought

safe havens to call home.

Whatever environmental catastrophes

we once faced...

have been replaced

with entirely new ones.

And for every mistake we fixed...

we made dozens more.

This isn't a soap box for me to preach my personal politics from and shame

anyone who disagrees with me.

It's a living, breathing world for us to explore together,

and a love letter to every great work of fiction-

from video games & movies to books & ancient myths-

that has influenced me along the way.

It's about seeing how humans adapt

in the face of adversity

and the unknown.

And how technology might produce

entirely new branches

of our evolutionary tree.

It's about seeing how

our struggles as a species

bring us together

or tear us apart.

I won't say that this won't be offensive to anyone,

because that is a promise nobody can or should keep.

Any work of speculative fiction-

especially one that takes place in our Earth's future

and draws from our own struggles

and the things we hold sacred-

has to take that risk.

However, I'm not interested in going out of my way

to disrespect anyone from our modern day.

With the notable exception of Australia.

But even then, mockery is the highest form of flattery.

A few light-hearted jabs here and there are innocent fun

so long as we can all laugh at ourselves together.

This is coming from a very stereotypical midwestern


Despite taking place on a world ruined

by a hundred different, overlapping apocalypses,

people in general are still fundamentally good

no matter which nation they come from.

While there will always be individuals

who are unspeakable, unforgivable monsters

that do terrible things simply because they can,

or conflicts born out of our tribal nature,

our species as a whole will always strive to be better

and help those we call our kin.

No matter the personal cost.

And maybe, just maybe, the beings we create

will learn from our mistakes

and help us to overcome them together.

Because the alternative

is our extinction.

So come along with me

into this world of

Heroes and Monsters...

of Slumbering Gods

and Ancient Evils...

Where the only thing separating

Magic from Science

is knowledge...

and the future of Mankind...

depends on someone

who isn't even human...